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Mobile Phone Profits

5 Ways to Profit from Mobile Phones
How to Generate Traffic for an Online Cell Store
How to Start an Online Cell Phone Store
How to Make Money from Text Messages
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Mobile Phone Profits

Mobile Phone Profits

It is no secret that mobile phones are popular. Many teenagers and adults, have a cell phone attached at the hip. Although the mobile phone revolution is nice to hear about, you may wonder what impact it has on you. In most cases, nothing. That is unless you want to capitalize on it. There are many ways to capitalize on the popularity of mobile phones.


How to Make Money from Text Messages

When it comes to text messages, many individuals see an easy way to communicate with friends and family. Yes, this is true, but if you look closer you will see the potential to make money, but how?

Start a Text Message Subscription Service

Starting a text message service is a relatively easy way to make money with cell phones. You need to have a mobile phone with texting capabilities and consumers who have the same. Unfortunately, the hard part is finding those customers.

Before highlighting ways you can develop a list of text message subscription customers, it is important to understand the service. If you watch television, you may have seen commercials advertising how you can get your horoscope, relationship advice, jokes, and more sent right to your cell phone. Essentially, these subscription services are a good idea, but they are costly. Most subscribers are charged a monthly fee and a fee for each message sent. This gives you a lot of potential to make money, but you could consider a different approach.

Instead of charging a monthly fee and a text message fee, why not opt for one or the other? This increases your appeal. Allow users to signup for a preset package. This package could include daily jokes for $19.99, or once a week relationship advice for $4.99 a month. When you offer more packages, you generate more customer interest.

But, how do you find clients? If you cannot afford radio or television advisements, turn to the internet. Create a website. This is where you have plans available for sale. Highlight what type of messages people can receive, such as jokes, horoscopes, relationship advice, and so forth. Post a few samples to see what people get. Market your website with article directories, banner or link exchanges, message board signatures, contests, and so forth.

Start a Text Message Service

Although most cell phone users have text message capabilities on their phones, some opt to not use them. A mobile phone owner may try to save money or they may be a teenager whose parents don’t allow text messaging. While text messaging may not be permitted, people still want to do it. This is where you can come in.

Services that allow internet users to send text messages are popular. They cater to those who cannot send text messages from their phones, those who don’t have a text messaging package, or those who aren’t near a mobile phone.

What you do is create a website and offer this service. A separate mobile phone for business use, where you can send a text message from, is also needed. Allow internet users to send a message through the website or email. They give you the message, their name, and a mobile number to send it to.

As for how you make money, you have a number of different options. Charge either a fee for each message sent or a monthly subscription fee. You can also offer this service free, but generate income through paid advertisements, affiliate programs, and pay-per-click advertising.

As highlight above, there are a number of ways for you to make money through mobile phone text messages. In fact, the above mentioned approaches are just two that you can try! With little startup costs, why not see if you can make money with text messaging today?

How to Make Money from Text Messages
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